Who endorses ranked choice for Albany?

Elected Officials

Mayor Nick Pilch

School Board President Kim Trutane

School Board member Jacob Clark

School Board member Brian Doss

School Board member Sara Hinkley

Councilmember Pete Maass

Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson


       Berkeley Albany Emeryville           


         Californians for Electoral Reform             


Community Leaders

Eveline Shen -- Voter Choice Albany co-founder, Executive Director of Forward Together

Farid Javandel -- Former Mayor, Transportation Commissioner

Paul Black -- Former School Board President

Charlie Blanchard -- Former School Board President

Patricia Low -- Former School Board President

Ross Stapleton-Gray -- Former School Board Vice President

Jim Lindsay -- Former School Board member, Charter Review Committee member, Voter Choice Albany co-founder, public school teacher

Lisa Schneider -- Charter Review Committee member

Harry Chomsky -- Charter Review Committee member

Jennifer Radics-Johnson -- Former Charter Review Committee member, Albany Democratic Club founder

Gabriel Baty -- Former Charter Review Committee member, Albany Democratic Club Treasurer 

Preston Jordan -- Former Charter Review Committee member, Transportation Commissioner, Former Waterfront Committee member, Voter Choice Albany co-founder, Albany Democratic Club Board member, City Council candidate

Chris Kent -- Planning and Zoning Commissioner

Ian MacLeod -- Planning and Zoning Commissioner

David Arkin -- Former Planning and Zoning Commissioner

Ken McCroskey -- Transportation Commissioner

Robert del Rosario -- Transportation Commissioner

John Miki -- Former Transportation Commissioner

Julia Chang Frank -- Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commissioner, Voter Choice Albany co-founder

Bryan Marten -- Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commissioner, Albany Democratic Club President, public school teacher

Ben Noble -- Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commissioner

Hillary Sardiñas -- Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commissioner

Greg Downs -- Social and Economic Justice Commissioner, Professor of History, University of California, Davis

Bart Grossman -- Social and Economic Justice Commissioner, Former Charter Review Committee member, 

Brian Beall -- Former Social and Economic Justice Commissioner, Albany Democratic Club Vice President

Nick Peterson -- Climate Action Committee member

Max Wei -- Climate Action Committee member

Dan Lieberman -- Former Climate Action Committee member

Stephanie Sala -- Economic Development Committee member, Owner, Five Little Monkeys

Aaron Tiedemann -- Economic Development Committee member, Albany Democratic Club Secretary, City Council candidate

Francesco Papalia -- Former Waterfront Development Committee member, Realtor

Andrew Tang -- Voter Choice Albany co-founder, planner and manager at BART



Rich DeLeon -- retired professor of political science, San Francisco State University


Albany Residents (alphabetical by last name)

Jim Acock -- 35 year Albany homeowner and volunteer in the Albany CARES and shower programs.

Fatima Angeles

Ozlem Ayduk -- UC Berkeley professor and chair-holder

Karen Badenfort

Holly Bartling

Elizabeth Friedman Branoff

Carol S Camlin -- associate professor, UCSF

Cathy Cha -- foundation president and Albany resident for nearly 20 years

Jean Cheng

Isabela & Raymond Colmenar

David Danby -- Albany resident for 39 years, homeowner for 37 years and now retired from Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Phi Do-Lui

Cory Dostie - CART Captioner for Disabled Access

John Erickson -- home improvement professional

Marta Folkman -- retired biomedical electronic technician

Michael James

Dan Johnson -- buildings consultant

Carl Kelly -- small business owner

Deb Lee

Jessica Lindsay -- math tutor, student at CSU East Bay

Rebecca Long

Earl Lui

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton -- Albany resident for 17 years

Dara O'Rourke - UC Berkeley professor and Albany resident for nearly 20 years

Phil Obbard

Payal Sampat -- AUSD parent and PTA Board member

Daniel Schmidt

Jodi Raggio Stark -- Pediatric physical therapist

Jason Tang

Marta Tobey -- Albany homeowner since 1976, retired musician 

Julie Ann Winkelstein -- librarian and resident of Albany for more than 35 years

Ken & Kim Wolf

(All individual's affiliations provided for identification and do not indicate organizational endorsement.)

In addition, the League of Women Voters of the United States "supports electoral methods that:

  • Encourage voter participation and voter engagement
  • Encourage those with minority opinions to participate, including under-represented communities
  • Maximize effective votes/minimize wasted votes
  • Promote sincere voting over strategic voting
  • Implement alternatives to plurality voting

The League supports electoral systems that elect policymaking bodies – legislatures, councils, commissions, and boards – that proportionally reflect the people they represent."

The above League position was considered at its 2020 convention. The position was adopted with 93% of the delegates in support.

The Sierra Club's position on voting systems states:

"The single-round, winner-take-all political process has problems. We support alternative electoral methods that better reflect the diversity of public opinion."

Albany's current election method does not accord with any of the above. Ranked choice for Albany accords with all of the above.