About Us

About Voter Choice Albany 

We are Voter Choice Albany: a group of Albany residents who want to see our government represent our community. We started this work for a wide variety of reasons, but they all boil down to the same thing: We have seen how Albany’s current election method hurts our community and we want to fix it. 

Who Are We

Julia Chang Frank is the California Director of Cascadia Consulting Group, who has over 12 years of experience designing and implementing waste reduction, pollution prevention, and resource conservation programs for public agencies and corporate clients. She is an active community member, with membership in the Albany Democratic Club, and currently serves on the Albany Parks, Recreation & Open Space Commission. 

Eveline Shen, the Executive Director of Forward Together, is a Voter Choice Albany core member. Forward Together is a progressive non-profit that unites communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families. One of Forward Together’s key strategies is civic and voter engagement.

Jim Lindsay is a co-founder of Californians for Electoral Reform. He is a high school teacher, has lived in Albany 29 years, and served on the School Board and several advisory bodies. He is ex-Chair and a current member of the Charter Review Committee. He provided his experience as a former professional signature gatherer to VCA’s initiative effort. 

Andrew Tang is a transportation planner and project manager with the Bay Area Rapid Transit District. He orchestrated the signature gathering effort for the RCV initiative. 

Aaron Tiedemann is a lifelong Albany resident, UC Berkeley Public Policy Masters student and Affordable Housing policy analyst for Alameda County. Aaron is also the secretary of the Albany Democratic Club and the Vice-Chair of the Albany Economic Development Committee. Aaron first became involved in Voter Choice due to his personal and academic interest in democratic electoral reform.

Preston Jordan is a community leader that has been advocating for ranked choice voting in Albany for 12 years. This work led to unanimous recommendations for RCV as a member of the Charter Review Committee and the School Board, both of which a Council majority of three refused. In 2004, Jordan previously co-founded the active transportation advocacy and service group Albany Strollers and Rollers, which has over 300 members on its discussion list, and over 700 members on its announcement list. The group’s effort resulted in the construction of the first cycle track on an urban portion of California state highway. Jordan has also successfully led other local measures, such as a tax measure to fund sidewalk maintenance for eight years. That measure won with nearly 80 percent support. He currently serves on the Transportation Commission and has previously served on numerous other advisory bodies.